The Truth about Tribulus Terrestris

& Testosterone Increase

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Extract has been shown to boost testosterone levels by increasing the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the body. LH stimulates the secretion of sex hormones in both males and females. In males, LH binds to receptors to stimulate synthesis and secretion of higher testosterone levels. In females, the ovaries are stimulated by LH and in turn secrete estrogen.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract itself is not a hormone, but instead works with your body to increase your natural testosterone levels. Since your body's natural testosterone promotes muscle building and strength, the benefits for the athlete in active training is increased power and muscle growth, plus faster recuperation and recovery from muscular stress due to improved protein synthesis and nitrogen rentention.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract has long been a popular medicinal herb in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe, Asia and India for treatment of sexual deficiencies. Bulgarian medical centers have published clinical studies on Tribulus Terrestris Extract in regards to reproductive functions with very positive findings. In the early eighties, Tribulus Terrestris Extract was accepted as a mainstream medical treatment in Eastern Europe for the improvement of libido and erectile function, increasing the serum concentration of LH and testosterone levels, and for the stimulation of spermatogenesis (with increases in sperm volume by a measure of 1 to 2 ml in many cases, and improved motility and viability).

raw_tribulus_terrestrisFor those considering a Tribulus Terrestris supplement, it is important to understand that companies offering simple raw grade Tribulus products (non extracted/non concentrated Tribulus Terrestris as seen to the left) and those touting high Protodioscin content in so-called "Tribulus Concentrate" items are misleading consumers. Tribulus products claiming increased Protodioscin have been shown to be inferior grade raw Tribulus with added Protodioscin from outside sources.

The legitimate, results producing and research proven safe and effective Tribulus product is Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Extract (as seen to the right) where natures biological balance is maintained and maximized. The one where all key organic Bulgarian Tribulus saponins are present in nature's perfect ratio at peak potency.

bulgarian_tribulus_terrestris_extractMany knowledgeable users are convinced the best of the few authentic Tribulus products with real Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Extract in them is Adaptogen N. The Adaptogen N supplement has a near twenty year track record of positive testimonials, including from well known pro athletes such as Rob Van Dam of professional wrestling fame, and others with validated claims of boosting testosterone levels by 55% and more in about a months time (click adaptogen for more on test results).

The originator of Adaptogen N, John Drake, Muscle And Sports Science CEO and Research Director is noted for giving a simple demonstration that illustrates the profound differences in commonly available Tribulus Terrestris supplements. In his words;

"The difference is easy to see. Pour the contents of a typical store brand Tribulus product, no matter the claimed potency, into your hand and squeeze the powder... it's dry as dust. Sniff it, sneeze, and blow it into the wind because it is lifeless junk. Now, empty an Adaptogen N cap into your other hand and squeeze it between your fingers. Sticky fingers, to quote The Rolling Stones, right? Squeeze again, see that? That's dark, oily, live and active saponins in rich, living color. You can see and smell the potency."

Here are a couple of testimonials from the Natural Bodybuilding Supplement Reviews page-

"Bravo Zulu to the scientists who created Adaptogen N. In less than one month of training while supplementing this product my leg presses have increased from 600 pounds for reps to 900 pounds for reps. I am 41 years old and have 20 years of lifting experience. The most impressive aspect is that now I do not get sore from my workouts!"  -Rick Caldwell, Cordova, TN

"Adaptogen N has worked wonders for me! Matter of fact, if I could only use one supplement I would pick it without hesitation. Much more effective than Tribestan, which I was using before"  -Bernie Jelinek, Erie, PA

It should be noted in regard to the latter testimonial that Tribestan is one of the few other authentic Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Extract supplements in existence. Thus, if Adaptogen N beats it (as tends to be the general consensus of those comparing them head to head), then the "dry as dust" pretenders obviously do not compare in any way, shape or form.

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